I baked again!

Just a few days, I saw some overripe bananas hanging in the kitchen. So I thought “Let’s not waste this beautiful bananas and so, I decided to put them into good use!” I baked Banana bread!

This following recipe I have done a post before in June. This time I want to share my thoughts through this baking process because I did notice something different from the last time I baked this. So sit back and enjoy~

I notice my bananas at the corner of the kitchen, looking gorgeous and bright yellow, so it meant to either eat it or toss it away because it would be very acidic once it becomes more ripe. I looked at it and thought, why not bake them, instead of wasting those bananas! So I checked that I had sufficient ingredients and I got down to baking.

I laid all the ingredients I needed and got to work!IMG_8058

I did not use the whisk to mix the batter, I used a wooden spoon instead. After I added all the ingredients, it was a very dense and heavy mixture. I was worried that it would not bake well and might cook throughout. However, I did not want to add excess liquid, as that might jeopardise the whole bread and the cooking time. Therefore, I went ahead and poured the mixture into 2 loaf tin. The recipe only asked for one, however like I mentioned earlier, it was a dense mixture, therefore I minimize the possibility of having a rather raw bread.


I checked the banana bread multiple times. At the last few minutes, I noted that the top had already brown beautifully, however the middle was still rather raw as I checked it with a skewer and it came out moist. So I placed a sheet of aluminium foil on the top of both loaf tins. This is to prevent the top of the bread to burn and still be able to cook the middle of the bread.



Time’s up and I took them out of the oven and they looked good! I let them cool and rest at room temperature and then I did a taste test. It was surprisingly moist and airy in the inside, not dry and heavy. I was relieved that all went well!

So here’s the recipe for easy reference.

Banana bread

3 cups of flour

1 cup sugar

1\2 tsp salt

1 1\2 tsp bi carb soda

185g butter

2 bananas

1 1\2 eggs

1 1\2 tbs water

1\2 cups walnuts


Mash bananas

Throw bananas into flour, sugar salt, bi-carbonate soda, eggs, walnuts, water, and melted butter

Give it a good mix! Into thick pancake mix like.

Grease loaf tin

175C, 45 mins . Skewer comes out clean. Good to go!

Oh! And again, I did not add walnuts because I did not have it at home and also, I knew that it would not affect the taste, texture and appearance of the bread. Although it would add different textures to the bread as the crunchy walnuts would crunch to the bread. I think I also realize why the batter was thicker and denser than before. I added 3 bananas instead of 2. Luckily, all went well and nothing major happened.

It felt amazing to be baking again and to see the product coming out like how you expected it to be. I believe this is one of the reasons I kept baking. The joy and excitement you get when all the whisking and mess produced a product you are proud to show and share with everyone. It is amazing. And one other thing that is amazing that I get to share my experience on this blog. I cannot wait to be sharing more experiences here, so till next time, Ciao~




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