Sometimes all you need is a friend.

Life can be cruel to you sometimes. At times, there are too many bumps at once, and with that you cannot handle. Or some other times, you are just walking that life journey alone. You get bored, lonely and mentally tired of life. This is when you seek help. From people around, people who love you or generally, people. I believe no one can walk the journey alone. It is just too tough and dreadful. There is always that someone there to rely on and help you up when you fall. There is a saying “Maybe we do die alone, but that does not mean we need to live alone.”

2014 has made me see a lot of things in different perspective. For instance friendship. What one would show when they are not in the nice and calm environment. It overwhelmed me a little but I chose to accept that this is indeed a fact in life I have to embrace. A lesson I learnt is not everyone around you is willing to stay with you throughout. There are only a handful or limited people around who stays by your side through thick and thin. And those are your true friends.

My definition of true friends is one that mutually agree on things, one that appreciate the effort the other has put into the friendship and lastly, making efforts mutually for time together.

Over this year, I have seen the ones that are truly my friend. I have to say it takes time to observe and know whether one is a true friend. But I take it as an experience, not a regret. This is life we talking about, it is all about experience and exploration. It is your choice on how you want to view the people around you.

I think I have matured a lot through this process, but I am still learning and I will continue to do so in my next phrase in life.

Well… It was certainly nice to write something a little personal to you. This post was just some thoughts and I decided to write to you. It is indeed out of food topic but I just wanted to share a little something to you. Till the next time.. Ciao~ 



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