I Met…….

About 2 months ago, it was my birthday month. My friends and I went out for a meal on the weekend of my birthday. We had pizza, we laughed, we talked, we enjoyed ourselves very much. We were having our dinner at the town area of Singapore and coincidentally, it was the Formula 1 weekend as well. There were major road blockage and it made our evening quite difficult to travel around. So we decided to head down to Marina Bay Sands via the MRT train.

Goofy me during dinnertime...


We stroll along the Singapore river and slowly made our way to the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall. We just wanted to get away from the rather humidity evening air… Once again, we strolled aimlessly around the mall, looking into the shops and just joking around. It is not until someone caught my friend’s attention. He was tall, wearing a black t-shirt and busy conversing with other guest in a restaurant.

“Hey! Doesn’t he look like Gordon Ramsay, The one on Masterchef ?” My friend spoke. And that instantly got my attention. I immediately turned to my side and saw him. Indeed, he was Mr Gordon Ramsay. I was stunned for a second and practically what got into my mind that very moment was, “Oh My God! THAT’S GORDON RAMSAY! HE IS HERE IN SINGAPORE!” I got a little too excited because I am a huge Masterchef fan and his shows are always playing on my television.

My friends and I walked towards the side of the restaurant and we decided to take a chance and see if Mr Ramsay were to leave the restaurant and if we could get a picture taken with him. I waited anxiously and I was literally shaking and thinking that I am so lucky to be able to meet Gordon Ramsay on my 17th birthday weekend. I kept reminding my friends to not let Mr Ramsay spill away. I just wanted to get a picture taken with him. It would be such an honour. So, we waited. Then finally…

He walked out of the restaurant. Very fortunately we were the only one that decided to wait for a picture, so there was not a queue. When we walked up to him, I took in on his tall height, strong build and rather wrinkled face. We asked if we could get a picture and it seems like he was in a hurry but, he still took that minute or two to smile for a picture.

Mr Ramsay and I with my friends

He was incredibly tall, he has a very firm hand while shaking my hand and Wow! He was not very intimidating, very nice and kind. Such good luck I had!

After that I found out from my parents that he actually came for Formula 1 and since he is opening a new restaurant here in Singapore, he came down to take a look.

So yes, I met Gordon Ramsay and I am so darn happy that I met him. And I guess that’s it for my post! I hope you enjoyed my experience with Mr Ramsay. And for the next time, I do hope I still retain some luck for Jamie Oliver!!! 😀 Alright, till next time, Ciao!


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