Hello November!

I’m probably a few days late to the welcoming of the month, however Its NOVEMBER!  And today. I am blogging to you because I am left with the last paper of my National examinations! I have never thought this day would come so soon but… Here I am! And I am glad to say that I will start blogging more often now as I could resume my baking habits and eating habits!!!

It has been such an interesting experience to go through this examinations. The determination and strength I see from everyone’s eyes during this examinations is unfamiliar. I always see playfulness, cheekiness and a laid-back attitude in them. But during the month of examinations, everyone became serious and had a ‘no-joke’ look. It was unusual.

However, with all being said, the examinations are coming to an end and Wow! It has been a journey! Throughout my 5 years in secondary school, I have meet many amazing people, made lovely memories and had my joy and fun there. It is pretty daunting to realize that I would have to adapt to a whole new environment and get to know different kinds of people, but also I am excited to be going through this stage of life.

Back to the current topic, I have decided to change a few arrangement on this blog. I would be posting a certain type of different food that I cooked or baked on certain days. There maybe even a theme. I have not come to a conclusion yet but here are some things I have planned for the upcoming month, plus December.

  1. I would try my very best to blog at least twice a week. One might be some thing I have cooked. And the other, I baked.
  2. These are the few recipes I might be blogging. Pandan cake, some kind of tart, pies and macroon.
  3. As I would be traveling during November and December, I would be more than happy to blog about my travels.
  4. As I am very eager for Christmas, I would love to share 5 blog post on recipes that my family and I enjoy during Christmas!

And I think that would be all! I cannot wait till I am officially done with my examinations and I cannot wait to get my hands into flour and eggs! Till then, I hope you would be looking forward to the further blog posts as I think I am going to have so much fun writing them! Till then, Ciao~!



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