Exams sucks…

As a student, there is always a day whereby you want to drop everything and take a break for the whole 24 hours. I am constantly dreading for the day to come. I am lethargic and tired whenever I return home these days. I miss the comfort of my bed during the day, the home-cook meals I am occasionally missing as I am in school till 9 pm… Life is not the most comfortable right now. The overwhelming anxiety and fear of my upcoming exams are continually messing with my mind. The endless amount of revision that have to be done are also another factor why life is not comfortable right now.

I may have been complacent in the early parts of the year, but I have come to a conclusion that it is time to get really serious. It is now or never.

I am very sad to say that I have yet to bake for a really long time. I took time out from baking to concentrate on my studies for now. I think every student have to make certain sacrifices and mine is baking. I do miss it terribly but I am determine to bake-to-I-drop after my finals. So till then, bear with me for the time being for all my examinations story…

Well, it has been lovely writing this blog post; I hope you have enjoyed reading my current ‘life story’. Be sure to look out for my future posts, it may be food related or happy events that would be happening, I hope!


Xoxo. Pei Gee


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