‘Failure is the most important ingredient for success.’ Do you agree?

Many successful people have risen from their failures. They use their failures as stepping-stones as the successes. For some people, failure acts as a motivation, for others, it strengthens their emotional health. As for me, I use failures as a guide. I use failure to remind myself not to make the same mistakes again and to improve from the mistakes I made.

Being able to learn from the mistakes one have made is one step closer to success. In my opinion, I learn best from failures. For instance, I have been baking since I entered secondary three. At the beginning, I would bake for people around me to try and taste my products. The comments I received were not supportive and encouraging as my products might not taste right or it may be too dry. To share my frustrations and feelings on baking, I started to blog. I shared my thoughts and ideas on the Internet as a way to express myself during baking. The feedback I got from people abroad is really helpful and incredible. I noted their way of baking and applied it to my baking. It encouraged me and I was able to bake better. Since then, I have improved and picked myself up from the failures I made back then and slowly reaching the route to success.

Failures can be daunting and discouraging at times, however it also can make your emotional well being stronger. Most of the successful people I come across are resilient, confident and positive. Along the way to their success, there are nasty people who would throw harsh comments and awful words at them, when they fail. These people not only reacted to such situations in a calm way, they also persevered and gained confidence. This would train one mental health, as one might not be able to take the harsh critics and nasty words. It would allow one to anticipate certain things, such as people with a foul mouth, and minimize the mistakes one might make in the future. For example, When readers of my blog throw nasty comments, I would be affected by their words, however I chose not to let it affect me deeply as it is pointless to be upset with someone behind a computer screen that I do not know. I would try to use the bad comments to improve on my skills and produce something greater and be successful.

Some people use failures as a motivation. They are aware of their faults and they chose to work on it, venture out to find out more about their fault and develop something better. Without failure, one is restricted to the limited knowledge they own as one would not venture out to search for further information on how to improve or thrive. Like myself, I had times when my cakes or muffins were dry and unpalatable. It was disappointing, but I would ask Google or people around me for solution. I got my answers and tried again. I was glad that the final product was acceptable and I was contented with myself for trying again and asking for help. Through that, I learnt more ways and solution to expand my baking.

In spite of the numerous success stories from failure, some people use failure as an excuse to stop trying. They stop trying once they failed. I have friends who use failure as an excuse to stop trying. With one setback, they would immediately stop trying. No matter how much I encourage them to try again, they would just say ‘No’. It might be their lack of confidence or fear of failing, to them, failing is not the most important ingredient for success.

All in all, people have their own ways to success. It might be solely their own effort to success or from the help of their family and friends. For me, I strongly believe that to the route to success, one has to fail and pick themselves up as the experience and knowledge one would gather when they fail would prepare one mentally when they are successful.

So, Hi! Well, I do not know how to start but I feel extremely awful for not posting anything for about 3 weeks now.. So I took a little break from all the revision I was doing to post a little something that I wrote during this 3 weeks. I  hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did! And probably the next post I am going to do is about the joyous occasion of ending my examinations… So.. Till next time.

Exams sucks…

As a student, there is always a day whereby you want to drop everything and take a break for the whole 24 hours. I am constantly dreading for the day to come. I am lethargic and tired whenever I return home these days. I miss the comfort of my bed during the day, the home-cook meals I am occasionally missing as I am in school till 9 pm… Life is not the most comfortable right now. The overwhelming anxiety and fear of my upcoming exams are continually messing with my mind. The endless amount of revision that have to be done are also another factor why life is not comfortable right now.

I may have been complacent in the early parts of the year, but I have come to a conclusion that it is time to get really serious. It is now or never.

I am very sad to say that I have yet to bake for a really long time. I took time out from baking to concentrate on my studies for now. I think every student have to make certain sacrifices and mine is baking. I do miss it terribly but I am determine to bake-to-I-drop after my finals. So till then, bear with me for the time being for all my examinations story…

Well, it has been lovely writing this blog post; I hope you have enjoyed reading my current ‘life story’. Be sure to look out for my future posts, it may be food related or happy events that would be happening, I hope!


Xoxo. Pei Gee