What my Senses did to me…

There are a couple of things I would like to share today, so sit back and continue scrolling!

Firstly, I have been occupied with school that I could rarely squeeze in the time to blog. And for that I deeply apologize, however, there would still be irregular post on this blog as I have yet to complete my final examinations. Therefore, the following post might not be related to food and it might act as a diary or journal about my feelings or the happenings in my life. It would be lovely if you continue to support my blog and be patient with me during this period of time.

And moving on to my main topic, Senses! You may be thinking, “What so special about senses?” “Everyone has them.”

Indeed, everyone have senses. 5 actually. Vision, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch. But today, I am going to focus on vision. Not everyone was gifted with the sense, vision. Some are born blind, some lost their vision along the years of living. I am truly grateful to be able to receive this gift as what I saw a few days ago, warmth my heart.

It was a mundane late Saturday afternoon. I was sitting in a corner, quite a distance from the train entrance gantry. In between the distance, there was an old man in a wheelchair, selling tissue. It’s a norm to see such people selling tissue along the roads of Singapore. Therefore, I believe there are not many people who are willing to purchase tissues from them.

While I was taking in the surroundings and listening to my music, there was a foreign worker, who went up to this frail old man and purchased 3 packets of tissues from him. From what I saw, the foreign worker was not wearing the most elegant clothes and the best conditioned shoe, yet he bought tissues from the wheelchair bound man. I understand that foreign workers in Singapore are the ones working the toughest job, which is hard labour, and they are not getting the respect they deserve. This somehow saddens me as they were the ones who built our city and they are not the ones be credited. However, when I saw him buy the packets of tissue, it really warms my heart, till the extent that it gave me a little goosebumps. I know I sound like I am exaggerating but for the foreign worker to purchase those packets of tissues, just to provide a little aid for the old man, given that they do not have much themselves, really ignite compassion in me. I thought to myself instantly, “They do not have a lot, yet they are helping others. What have I been doing all this while…”

When the foreign worker reunites with his group of friends, he immediately distributed the 2 packs of tissues he bought to his friends, and then walked away with a smile on his face. As I saw him departing the area happily, it made me realise that there are still people who have empathy and humanity in them. It motivates me to want to contribute to the society. How? I have no idea yet, but I really hope in the mere future, I would be able to contribute a little something to the society.

I understand that not many people would feel the same as me, however this was something I experienced that really warmed my heart and it felt different but a good different.

And this would be the end to this posts. I hope you have enjoyed reading it and hope to see you soon! Xoxo. Pei Gee.



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