This is a post whereby I have no clue on what to post about. I did a posting yesterday, thinking that something new might popped into my mind for a brand post. But I was wrong. I had nothing. I think this is one of those days where you try as hard as you possibly could to craft something out but you could not, because you just got nothing. So today, I sit here, thinking and typing of something to be published. So I guess I shall share a little of what have happened in this past week.

Monday. I missed school as I was having a high fever of 39 degree celsius during the weekends. I stayed at home and recuperate. I either nap or be on social media. And that was the day I found out I surpassed 1000 viewers on this blog!

Tuesday. Got up early and went to school. It was the big day for me. I was having my national Mother tongue examination that very day, therefore I went to school. The whole day I was worrying if I would do well for my exams, which flew past faster than I thought. In a blink of an eye, Tuesday was over.

Then came Wednesday, school, home, lunch, nap then dinner. Pretty much sums up my mid-week day.

Thursday was pretty similar with Wednesday but just 3 hour longer of school. By the time I was home, I was knackered.

Friday. It was a pretty dull day in school or at home. I did not plan any fancy activity for Friday. It was just chill and calm.

That sums up my week.

I think you must be thinking ‘why is she posting all of this up?’ I told myself I did not want to make up a subject and go along and post it up on the blog, that would be just wrong. I want this blog to be rather raw and true, so I decided to face you and honestly say I have no materials for today’s post. I truthfully apologize for this, however I assure you that next week, there would be something on this blog!

Thank you for your patience and See you soon! xoxo Pei Gee!


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