Feast fit for the King…

Living in a globalised and modern city have exposed me to cuisine all over the world; one of which is my favourite, Indian. The unique smell of curry, the burst of flavour from the spices and the various colours on the table.

I was introduced to Indian food at a family friend’s dinner. The flavours and smell were pretty alien to me then, hence I did not really appreciate the meal. However now, I am constantly craving for mutton curry, naan bread and tandoori chicken. My parents are a big fan as well, therefore they were part of an influence to my diet. They would hunt for reasonable and tasty Indian restaurants. When they were told that there was a restaurant that fulfil the criteria of reasonable and tasty, they had to try it out.

This restaurant is located at a pretty deserted road at Biopolis, Singapore. It is not easily located, however it is a gem worth searching for. At the entrance, you would be greeted by a ‘castle-like’ entry way. When you set foot into this restaurant, you would be mesmerised with its authentic Indian architecture. IMG_2674We took a seat at the end of the restaurant to dine. I have to admit, we did have some difficulty in ordering as we not very familiar with the dishes, however there was a friendly and patient waiter to guide us through ordering. We ordered our food in no time.

For starters, they would serve papadum. It is a thin, crispy, disc like cracker. They are accompanied with a mint sauce and plum sauce. It definitely was a good start to the meal as the papadum was crispy and not hard and soft. The sauces were something new to me, however it went well with the cracker.  IMG_2675Next, we had mutton Kabab masala. It is a spicy, flavourful tender minced mutton shaped into cubes and are pan-fried. It came with a mint sauce as well. The kebabs were so spicy but so yummy that I could not stop myself despite the heat. IMG_2676

  For the mains, we had various dishes.

On the far left are naan bread. (Garlic and plain). On the right are saffron rice, dhal , yogurt with assorted chopped vegetables, and chicken curry. On the right corner is vegetable curry.
On the far left are naan bread. (Garlic and plain). On the right are saffron rice, dull , yogurt with assorted chopped vegetables, and chicken curry. On the right corner is vegetable curry.

Naan bread were stretchy and soft, which are the desirable texture. The saffron rice was so aromatic and pretty. The dull was not watery nor too thick, it was just nice. The yogurt was the most important, in my opinion, as it reduces the spiciness happening in the mouth. The yogurt had many textures, from crunchy from the onion to soft and creamy from the yogurt. The chicken curry was rather spicy, however, the chicken was so tender and lovely. The vegetable curry consist of different types of vegetables, ranging from cauliflower to carrots. Sadly, it was ordinary.

My meal there was fantastic! I cannot wait to go back and try out more Indian food! I believe my love for Indian food would continue to grow and develop!

To check out this restaurant, head to …

Khansama Tandoori Castle,

Immunos, 8A Biomedical Grove #01-20/22 s138648 (Biopolis)

Opens from Monday to Sunday, 11AM-11PM

Contacts: 6774 0300


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