My Mid-year Break.

I receive a mid-year break every year. It consists of 28 days, 672 hours and lots of lots of fun. However this year, 2014, I could probably say it has been the most fruitful 28 days of break. Indeed I went back to school, still squeezed in time to study and thought that I managed my time pretty well.

During breaks like this, I have to balance 3 things. Myself, friends and family.

Number 1. Myself.

I am not one who copes well with pressure and stress. When I am alone, I tend to think a lot. That leads to overthinking then stress. I gave myself a few days, alone in my house. Yes, I did a lot of thinking but it was not as intense as how it was when exams are near. To make myself happy, I would whip up lunch for myself or bake at night when everyone is asleep. I got my alone time and did what I love. Therefore I balanced number one during this mid-year break!

Number 2. Friends.

I told a friend of mine, I did not want any friendship drama as I am doing my national examinations this year and I did not want distractions. No one can predict the future; neither can I. However we can chose what we want to do. Therefore it is important for me to realize who will be the friends that would ‘have my back’ or accept me for who I am. I got closer with this bunch of crazy, lovely friends over this short period of time. I am absolutely grateful and thankful for having this bunch of people in my live. I spent most of my year with them, I laughed, joke and gossip with them. They are someone whom I chose to be in my live. Like the saying goes, ‘You cannot chose your family. But you can chose your friends.’ I am very glad that I bonded closely with them in this short amount of time. And sometimes I question myself ‘Do I deserve such friends, because they are so so AWESOME?’ Thank you for making my break fun and meaningful. Prashain, Shaheedah and Suvi, Thank you for a rather interesting and amazing mid-year break .

Friends 2


Number 3. Family.

Family will always be there for you but you will drift from them if you do not spend quality time with them. I learnt that throughout the period of last year and this year. I could say I spent a good amount of time with them this month. I met up with my beloved cousins, spent hours with my little brat sister, went out shopping with my mum and had amazing meals with my parents!



I could finally say that this mid-year break was the most productive and meaningful ever. Usually during breaks like this, I would laze around and be unproductive all day. However, I became a lively and happy teenager this June! Guess this sums up this week’s blog, hope you enjoyed it and tune in next week for more posts! Thank you!


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