10 things I dislike…

On my previous post, I did a ’10 things I like’, therefore this time, I am going to do a ’10 things I dislike…’! This 2 posts are more like an introduction of myself as I never really done any introduction when I first started this blog. So, without further ado, here are 10 things I dislike!

  1. I dislike people who are fickle minded. However, I am fine with impromptu suggestions, it is just the ‘yes, then no, then maybe’  whom I cannot really stand. Just be confident with what you feel. Don’t beat around the bush.
  2. I dislike when I am ready to go to bed, but my phone is alive and strong with 60% of battery. I am a person who charges the phone overnight, hence it explains the unwanted percentage when I am ready to hit the sack…
  3. I dislike the unpredictable weather of Singapore. I do not carry an umbrella every day in my bag and sometimes I dress inappropriately for the weather. The weather is not something I could control, so I guess I have to live with it and watch the weather segment in the morning news.
  4. I dislike getting my school shoe wet on a rainy day. Hence, to prevent that from happening, I would take off my shoe and my socks and walk barefooted. Luckily for me, my house is 5 minutes walk from the bus stop.
  5.  I dislike brands. If there were no brands in the world, in my opinion, everything would be less complicated and everyone would be happy with what they got.
  6. I dislike staying at home for more than 3 days during daytime. In the day, I have to do some activity outside the house. I could not be cope inside the house for a long time. I am trying to figure out why…
  7. I dislike the fact that I am very bad at putting on nail polish. That is a skill I cannot master.
  8. I dislike changes. As much as I want everything to evolve, part of me don’t. Things are much simpler unchanged, when things change, they get complicated.
  9. I dislike the feeling of finishing a good book. I created a relationship with the book and as much as I want to finish it, I do not want it to end.
  10. Lastly, I do not like goodbyes. I cannot stand to send a person from my life away. I do not like the feeling of them leaving or gone as they were a part of my journey. IMG_5432

The photo above was someone whom took care of me since I was born. Carried me to school, back and forth. Fed me while my parents were at work. Played with me when I was alone. She was the one person I was close to as a child. Today, I have no idea if you are at home in your country or here in Singapore, but I hope you are doing fine and healthy and well. I never got to say this but, ‘Thank you for the care you provided for 13 years of my life.’

Well… I did not meant for this post to go this way, but please understand that all this facts of me are who I really am and I meant every single word.

So…. Thank you for reading, I hope you understand me more now! It’s been lovely writing about my likes and dislikes. THANK YOU!


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