The Faults in My Cooking and Baking…

I have never been a very organised person, but ever since I started baking, I began to be organised more often. However at times, I would become the old clumsy me, and I tend to forget this ingredient, set the wrong  oven setting  and the lists goes on.So for this post, I would like to share my faults in my cooking and baking.

  1. Lacking an ingredient or 2… I started baking only a few years ago. I was not very sure of the procedures, ingredients and the organisation. I just started baking bluntly with all the ingredients yet to be measured and oven not preheated. There was once that I laid most of my ingredients out on the kitchen top before baking. I accidentally left an ingredient out as it was not at sight. And guess what the item is…?? It is milk. I left the milk in my fridge as I did not need it immediately and thought that I would remember to add it later when it is needed, however due to my forgetfulness, I forgot.. I remember the end product was not as bad as the product baked with milk and I really was relived and from then on, I made sure that I MUST be organised for all my future baking adventures.
  2. Wrong oven setting. At home, I consider my mum A GREAT COOK! Her food that she produced are heavenly. I am sure I would miss the food whenever and wherever. As the oven in our house is a multi-purpose oven, she uses it for grilling and I uses it for baking. I do not have the habit of checking the oven setting before baking. So one day, I was blindly baking my cupcakes, then popped them into the oven and about 10 minutes later, my cupcakes got burned. The oven setting was set at the grilling setting and it has a higher temperature than the baking setting, therefore my cupcakes got burned. I was pretty upset with myself as I did not check the oven setting and it resulted in burnt cupcakes. I told myself TO ALWAYS CHECK THE OVEN SETTING BEFORE BAKING from then on.
  3. Inaccurate measurements in cooking… I love to eat healthy and I love cooking my food. But when I cook, I do not follow a recipe or a cookbook unlike my baking. I would just toss in whatever there are in my fridge and stir-up something. So whenever I toss something into my pan, I tend to put in more than I can consume and in my thought, it is a pretty bad habit that I could not break till today. I am always left with leftovers and they would just be put into the fridge and eaten the next day or sometimes, forgotten. Therefore these days, I tend to cook with lesser amount of food to prevent such wastage!
  4. Splattering oil. My most dreadful part of cooking is the splattering of oil. The sound of oil popping, the splatters they made and the pain they gave when they land on your skin. Ouch! I had an incident when I was 10, where I had to cook lunch on my own as I was at home, alone. I was ambitious to whip up a meal for myself. So I gathered all the items I wanted to cook and began. I wanted to have chicken in my dish, so I wash, slice and I was ready to cook the chicken. I heated my oil and drop a chicken into my pan. The commotion I got from the pan really freaked me out. The oil started to splatter, louder and louder. I was still a beginner in cooking then, and I did not know what to do. I started to panic a little as I dare not reach to turn off the stove because of the vigorous splattering of the oil. I ran to call my neighbour for help. I was so grateful that they were home and was very helpful with turning off the stove. After the splatters subside, I laughed it off and had to prepare a new set of lunch. Now I know that I have to dry all my food before placing them into the pan of hot oil!

There! The faults in my cooking and baking. I could say that I really great adventures cooking and baking and I cannot wait for more to come! And I am sure that you could create fun and memorable adventures during cooking and baking! Good Luck & Have Fun!


2 thoughts on “The Faults in My Cooking and Baking…

    1. I see. Well have you ever cook something you particularly like before, that might spike your interest? I think you couldn’t find the interest because cooking main meals are a chore?? Try cooking something you created out of scratch, you could just toss whatever you like into the dish and when the dish is successful or to your liking, there might be a new found interest to create something better! Cooking is universal, create a taste that suits you best! 🙂

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