I am 17 this year. I love to eat, I love to travel and I love to live life to the fullest. But all these comes with calories and saturated fats, I want to avoid that! So I consume, what I like to call my ‘Super Food’, they provide me with all the nutrients, energy and vitamins. I would make an effort to eat these food as I do feel a little happier and more lively after. And they have little or no calories! So without further ado, here are my SUPER FOOD!

  1. Greek Yogurt! Greek yogurt are a little thicker and creamier than natural yogurt. It gives a fuller stomach when I consume greek yogurt than natural. They are packed full of protein and they keeps my stomach full throughout the morning. I love to make smoothie with greek yogurt. For example, half cup of bananas, blueberries and greek yogurt. That’s it! That’s all you need to make a breakfast smoothie! Or, I would consume greek yogurt with granola. The dish has so many different textures and again, it fills my stomach easily.
  2. Bananas! Bananas have carbohydrates which makes bananas my source of carbohydrates because during my meals, I tend to eat more vegetables and meat and this does not provide me with carbs, therefore I would eat bananas! And I love to have a banana alongside with bread for breakfast. As they keep me energise for school and I would tend to feel fuller and not have a tummy grumbling throughout lessons.

    My all luxurious weekend breakfast! Top left: Toast with banana slices on jam.  Top right: Blueberry and banana smoothie Middle: Greek yogurt with granola, blueberries and bananas!
    My all luxurious weekend breakfast!
    Top left: Toast with banana slices on jam.
    Top right: Blueberry and banana smoothie
    Middle: Greek yogurt with granola, blueberries and bananas!
  3. Bread! Wholemeal, wholewheat, brioche, baguette and many many more. Bread is also another source of carbohydrates in my diet. Therefore I ensure that on school days, I have bread for breakfast. They are low in saturated fat and high in dietary fiber. Insoluble fibers move solid wastes out of the body quickly to prevent constipation and some gastrointestinal diseases. Fiber can also delay hunger by creating a feeling of fullness. Fiber may prevent weight gain by providing calories that are not absorbed and displacing high-calorie refined foods.
  4. Tofu! Tofu are low in calories and are vegetables protein. I could eat all kinds of tofu, firm, silken, soft, egg tofu, you name it! Except I do not have the courage to try stinky tofu… During my vegetarian days, I would consume mostly tofu.

    Mushroom salad with tofu.
    Mushroom salad with tofu.
  5. Mushrooms! I realise that many people dislike eating mushrooms but I cannot figure why because mushrooms are beautiful and delicious. They can replaced for meat in my meal as mushrooms are hearty and filling. Preliminary research suggests increasing intake of low-energy-density foods (meaning few calories given the volume of food), specifically mushrooms, in place of high-energy-density foods, like lean ground beef, can be an effective method for reducing daily energy and fat intake while still feeling full and satiated after the meal. 
  6. Orange! I started eating orange for the juice but now, I realise it’s more than the juice. They are pack full of Vitamin C, which is also vital for the proper function of a healthy immune system, is good for preventing colds and may be helpful in preventing recurrent ear infections. I could have orange after every meal and I would never get tired of eating it. The juices that splatter after your first bite, the sometimes sourness that comes with it makes it so much interesting eating it. 

TA-DA! Here are the list on my super food! Please note that this list is base on my eating experience and not through some strict diet that is provided on the internet.

Everyone could have their own super food, just be mindful that fast-food are not super food. Super food needs to make you feel healthy and happy. You would want to consume food that gives you the satisfaction after eating them, right? Therefore create you own super food and be happy and alive and healthy! Good luck & Have Fun.

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    1. Yes, totally. Just be careful with the amount of oil used, avoid deep frying because that would be the most unhealthy. And if you would like the healthiest, steam it!

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