Stress Buster!

As you guys may know, I am currently having my mid-year examinations. Therefore stress is written all over my face. With added pressure from teachers and parents, I had to find a way to ease the stress during studying and revision.

Thus HERE ARE 8 WAYS TO EASE MY STRESS DURING REVISION! Please try it out and see if it’s effective for you!

  1. Environment! The place that you pick to study is very important. I see many people heading to fast food stores to study. In my opinion, fast food stores such as MacDonald and KFC are among the worst choice to study. It’s a place for people to dine, not to study. It’s constantly noisy, you can never concentrate with such environment. However if you are studying there because of your friends , do you and your friend a favour and persuade them, to study at a better and more conducive environment, like the library or at school. Those places are much better than a fast food store, it’s less greasy and noisy. In my case, I love to study alone at home. I made a special space for my revision; quiet, spacious and comfortable. That way I make sure I get some productive studying done!
  2. Set your mind straight! You do not want to start studying without knowing what to do. So create a mental list of the subjects you plan to revise. That way, you would not be clueless and dumbfounded when you start studying. Make sure to allocate ample amount of time for the subjects.
  3. Readiness! Prepare all the materials you need to revise that day. You do not want to study with insufficient materials and you might probably feel bad borrowing materials from a friend. So, set your revision materials aside a night before or hours before. I usually bring notes or worksheets as I thought books were really heavy and most of time, my notes cover everything I need to know!
  4. NO DISTRACTIONS! In the world we live in today, everyone has a cellphone/smartphone on them. You could excess to the Internet anytime and anywhere of the day. Hence, just for that few hours of revision, sacrifice the use of technology. Don’t just leave your phone on silent mode or place it 1 metres away. It is useless. Ask your parent or friend to safe-keep your phone or leave your phone somewhere safe and away from your revision area. Without technology, you do study better. Your concentration is 100% on studying and not on Twitter or Instagram. Trust me, been there done that! I have gone about 3 to 4 hours without technology during my revision and it really helps. The information does penetrate into my brain better!
  5. Music… Up till today, I have no idea if music helps you study better, however, I tend to study without music when I am alone. When I am with my friends or outside my home studying, I would listen to music while studying. In my point of view, it is probably better to study without music as you would not get distracted with the song or rhythm or busy changing the song you rather not listen that day.
  6. Companionship. I see a lot people studying with friends and for this, it is your preference. You might enjoy a company while studying, while others prefer solo work. For me, I am a solo worker. I think having friends around while studying is a little of a distraction, therefore I studying alone.
  7. Asking for help! Clarifying your doubts during revision is the MOST important part. As I study alone at home, without technology beside me, I would leave my doubts aside  and clarify them in school the next day with my teachers, that way I get the sufficient knowledge and help for exams.
  8. Last but not least, Determination! You might think that ‘Oh! This is a cliche point that everyone talk about…’ Well, you are not wrong! Your determination to ace examinations is the drive to your revision. Therefore set your goals straight, strive to get that! For me, I have seen myself working harder this year than last year. Thus, I hope hard work pays off!

There you go! My 8 steps to ease stress during revision. Hope it is useful as it is pretty effective for me and Good luck and Have Fun studying!


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