My success story.

Hello! This is the second essay I have posted on my blog. I just wanted to share the essay that I’ve been working on. You might probably think ‘Why am I posting essays and not food?’ Exams are here and basically my main focus are on studies. So pardon me for this period of time. Oh! And for the next week, I would be on studying mood, hence I would not be posting anything for the following weeks. My apologies for the inconvenience. But for now, enjoy this essay on my success story! It’s a little lengthy but ENJOY!

‘Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it comes naturally.’ –David Frost

Everyone have his or her great success story. My definition of success is an accomplishment of one’s goal.  So here is my great success story…

2013 was a breakout year for me. I was taking my national examinations. The stress level was high and disappointment was not an option. Aside from the revision and school, I wanted to find a stress-reliever. So I decided to bake. I did not take much interest in baking during my primary school days but when I entered secondary school, I find baking very interesting and therepeutic. When I first started baking, it was about setting my emotion and stress aside and focusing only on baking the product. However as I got more involved in baking, I developed a passion for it. A passion whereby I would want to break out from my comfort zone to try out challenging variations and plunged into the world of baking. As my passion for baking grows, people around me are my guinea pigs. Whenever I bake, their stomach would be filled in no time. I gave the fruits of my labour to anyone and everyone who wants them.

I wanted to spread my love for food and baking, therefore I created this blog. Big On Food. I never had any experience in blogging nor writing, other than the essays I am told to write in school. However I just type whatever flow through my mind about food. Blogging got a lot more interesting when I found out people   viewed my blog, it gave me a little more drive to express myself on this blog. When I surpassed the amount of views I never expected to get so soon, I was motivated. Motivated to share and commit to blogging.

Then words spread like wild fire about me blogging and it travelled to my aunt’s ear.

One mundane Saturday morning, I received a call from my aunt. Unknowingly, my baking activities reached my aunt’s ears. She conducts private art classes.

She spoke through the cellphone with a hint of excitement and it got me curious with the content she was going to spill in a matter of seconds. She was wondering if she could purchase two dozens of red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting by the following week for her art class. I was thrilled by the idea but decided to give it a thought before making empty promises. I thought it through and well and accepted the order. I got down to the task that following as I could ensure that the cupcakes would be fresh and delicious.

Firstly, I researched for a suitable red velvet cupcake recipe. Coincidentally, I bought a recipe book filled with all kinds of different cupcakes weeks ago. They even provided the cream cheese frosting. It was a sign of relief to have the recipe found so soon. Next were the ingredients shopping. I checked through the entire kitchen to make sure that I do not purchase the same ingredient that I already have at home. Purchasing the materials was an easy task as I was familiar to with the supermarket. It certainly made things effortless. I got home later that evening with arms with bags of eggs, flour and butter. I freshened up and got myself prepared for the long night ahead of me. I neatly arranged the equipment and ingredients on the kitchen top and was all set to make a wreck in the kitchen in the middle of the night. By the time I was done, it was already two in the morning. I ensured that the cupcakes were covered properly and insect-free before hitting the sack.

The following afternoon was the collection of the cupcakes. I made an effort to rise early to frost the cupcakes. I made the frosting to the right consistency, thick, sweet and creamy, and piped the cupcakes. Then packed them into boxes and await for the arrival of my aunt. I personally handed her the two boxes of cupcakes and watched her took her leave and did not hear from her ever since till the following night. She sent me a text, claiming that her students and herself loved the frosting and the cupcakes. I was on cloud nine. Not only did I manage to do what I love but managed to spread to people who are foreign to me. It was certainly a great success.


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