What a Wreck…

Yet again, tragic has struck South-East Asia. About 5 to 6 weeks ago, Malaysian airline MH370 went missing. Till today, many nations are still at search for the airplane. However last Wednesday in South Korea, a ferry on a routine trip from the port of Incheon to the traditional honeymoon island Jeju, sank. It carried 476 passengers and crew. 339 students and teacher were on a high school outing to Jeju Island. Little that they know, that it was their last school outing.

Till two days ago, April 22 2014, only 174 were rescued. 108 were found dead and 194, still missing. It was a grief to all in South Korea. What sadden me the most was that the passengers on board were mostly students. Young and innocent lives were lost to this tragedy. I believe these students were ambitious and bright and had a whole life to live ahead of them; alas those lives were taken too soon.

Another agonizing fact was that students were sending out texts, such as ‘Don’t worry Dad.’ or ‘I love you, Mum’ while the ferry was sinking. To put myself in their parents or guardians shoes, I would probably have a mental outburst, demanding for an answer, feeling lost, worried and afraid. Afraid of losing my child. It is not a feeling anyone should be put through. But all that could be done is to wait patiently.

We cannot prevent the accident from happening, but right now, what we can do is to pray and hope that the parents are given an answer soon. A little something I learnt from this 2 current incident is not to take life lightly. Live everyday meaningfully and give your love ones the love that they deserve before it is too late.


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