Save Mother Earth!!!

Mother Earth is suffering and so are we. However all these sufferings are done by us. We ignored all the advise given to prevent global warming, giving excuses such as laziness, ‘everything is still fine, why fret about it’. Right now, we are facing the consequences.

The recent dry-spell in Singapore is one of the severe consequences faced by Singaporeans. It was the longest dry-spell Singapore had experienced. The day was warm, humid and dry. Fallen leaves turned into golden brown, making it feel like autumn, which Singapore does not have. Lakes were dried out, leaving lily pads on the cracked ground. It was a sight I never thought I would see.

Our neighbouring countries also experienced the dry-spell. They went on water rationing to limit the amount of water used. It felt like being at war again, when supplies were limited, people suffering and the world in chaos. For this instance, water are limited, people suffering under the scorching sun and the nation begging for rain.

We could no longer avoid  climate change from happening, however we could prevent it. A simply act could go a long way. Remember the 3 ‘R’s, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I know people in Singapore could not go without their air-condition, including me, but we could reduce the use of it. Limiting the use of air-condition to only when you are heading to bed. Use the fan during the day and air-condition at night! Next, people alway toss away the plastic containers that they get when buying food from the food court. We could always reuse it when we are buying food the next time at the food court. Simply ask the hawkers to pack your food into the plastic containers you brought. Lastly, HDB blocks (Housing Development Board) have recycle bins at the void deck. Make use of them. Cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles and many more could all be recycled in one way or another. Pack them accordingly and recycle them at the bottom of the block.

I understand you might find it troublesome at first, however once you get used to it, it gets simpler.Here’s a qoute from Og Mandino, Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”

Therefore this year, I am joining hundreds of people at The Float @ Marina Bay for ‘Earth Hour’. I do hope I will increase my knowledge of ways to prevent global warming. I will be there,having fun and creating awareness, Would you?


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