Salad Daze~

Green and raw. I guess the title says it all. This post is all about salad! You must be thinking ‘She’s 17 right..?? Shouldn’t she be devouring fast and junk food????’ Well, you’re wrong! Salads are my all-time favourite dish. It’s fast, easy and fun to make, What’s more to not like salads! I understand that some teenagers dislike greens and the raw taste of the vegetables however it is still a must to have balanced diet, which includes protein (Chicken), fibre (Vegetables), calcium (Milk or cheese) and vitamins (fruits: Orange, Tomatoes). I stay away from donuts, burgers and milkshakes, mainly because it’s unhealthy and my parents influenced me to avoid junk food and brought me into the world of greens.

I have reconstructed salads to my liking, and I believe you should too! Here are 3 of my reconstructed salads!

Salad #1! I call this Wild plate of greens!

Wild rocket with small turnips and a pork sausage.
Wild rocket with small turnips and a pork sausage.

(I would not provide the amount of ingredients as you could adjust to you diet size)                             Ingredients : Wild rocket , small turnip , pork sausage (Or chicken or whatever you prefer) and olive oil with balsamic vinegar as the dressing.

Directions : 1.  Wash wild rockets and small turnips.  2. Slice turnpis. Mix the olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 3. In a mixing bowl, place sliced turnips and wild rockets and toss with the dressing. 4. Pan fry the sausage till they split open, then transfer the vegetables and sausage onto a plate & Wala, You got your salad!

Salad #2! Summer salad! The reason i called this the ‘Summer salad’ is because there are fruits such as strawberries, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers and those remind me of summer! And this is vegetarian friendly as well!

Summer Salad
Summer Salad

Ingredients: Wild rockets, Strawberries, Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and the dressing olive oil and balsamic vinegar!


Directions:  1. Wash cherry tomatoes, strawberries, wild rockets, cucumbers  2. Half tomatoes and strawberries. Slice cucumbers.   3. Mix the olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  4. In a mixing bowl, mix strawberries, tomatoes, wild rocket and cucumber with the dressing and transfer it to a plate and, there you go! A bowl of fresh vegetables and fruits for a hot summer day!

Salad #3! Salad in wrap! If you think just plain salad could not fulfil your tummy, wrap your salad up in a pita pocket or tortilla wrap!

Salad in a wrap
Salad in a wrap

Ingredients: Capsicum (colour is all up to you), wild rockets, lettuce, ham (I cannot remember what ham i used but you could include your favourite ham in) , tortilla wrap, dressing (honey mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup. Your choice) I used honey mustard!

Directions:  1. Wash capsicum, wild rocket, lettuce. Slice capsicum into thin slices.  2. Heat a pan and warm the tortilla wrap, then transfer onto place and sear ham to cook it.   3. Squirt some dressing onto tortilla wrap and assemble vegetables and ham above the dressing.  4. Fold the wrap and secure and into your mouth, a hearty meal!

So there you go! 3 simple and quick recipes with just 4 easy steps and ingredients you could easily find at home! I do hope you enjoy this post as this recipes are my go-to lunches! Good luck and Have fun!

And! To all you readers out there, I would like to say my appreciation to you as my blog has hit 200 views within these short period of time! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! IT HAS PUT A RATHER WIDE GRIN ON MY FACE…. 😀 THANK YOU!! And as I mention on Twitter, I would post a second post when the views surpassed 200. A new post would be up either tonight or tomorrow morning, so look out for the new post!! For now, enjoy the salad~ 🙂




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