Save Mother Earth!!!

Mother Earth is suffering and so are we. However all these sufferings are done by us. We ignored all the advise given to prevent global warming, giving excuses such as laziness, 'everything is still fine, why fret about it'. Right now, we are facing the consequences. The recent dry-spell in Singapore is one of the … Continue reading Save Mother Earth!!!


Cheesecake is loved by mostly everyone. From New York Cheesecake to unbaked cheesecake, the creamy and sweet delicacy would melt everyone's heart. My guilty-pleasures are cheesecake. I could eat slice after slice everyday. Okay, everyday is a little too much, let's say monthly! I could devoured cheesecake in a blink of an eye with a … Continue reading Say CHEESE!

What happen to Flight MH370?

On the 8th of March, Saturday, a Beijing-bound aircraft disappeared, departing from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The aircraft carried 239 people with nationalities all around the world. I heard the news on Sunday afternoon. I was taken aback by the news, it happened too sudden. Questions started flowing through my mind. ‘How did it happen?’ ‘Where … Continue reading What happen to Flight MH370?