Rainbow Craze!

Being a foodie in Singapore, i am always out trying different variety of food. Recently, there’s loads of people buzzing about rainbow cakes. A rainbow cake is a layered cake with different colours of the rainbow. So i decided to check it out through social media. Massive amount of people were posting about how amazing the cake taste and looks! The pictures fascinated me with the colours and layers, so i decided to take things to my own hands to create a rainbow cake for my friend’s birthday.

Firstly, i divided a basic butter cake batter into 3 portions. I could not do 7 portions as my batter were insufficient. Then i added drips of different food colouring into each batter. I use orange, blue and green colour. Then i popped each batter into the oven, one by one.

Orange, green and blue layers!

Secondly, i assembled the layers after they have baked cooled. I made Nutella cream for extra  flavour on the cake and to combine the layers together. It was my first time doing the Nutella cream and something went terribly wrong. Too much icing sugar was added and the cream tasted so sweet that it overpowered the taste of the cake. So note to self and others, always taste and adjust the recipe to your liking. In the end, I covered the whole cake with cream and bind the layers with the cream in between.

The final product! Icing for the words and the Nutella cream covered cake.
The inside of the cake.

It was a big mess while prepping the cake but i had a really good time doing it. The cake was not perfect but it gave a really rustic and homely style to it. I was glad i tried out this rainbow cake, and i would most definitely do it again.


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