A night of baking!

This month is the month of giving and receiving. As adults give joy and happiness, children receive the joy of collecting red packets. As for me, i do my part for giving quality food to my family. A week before Lunar New Year, my mum and grandma requested for me to bake butter cake, as it has always been a tradition for butter cake to be present during the Lunar New Year. However, i baked the butter cake with margarine as my grandma could not take the dairy smell of the butter, hence i changed accordingly to her liking.

On the eve of the eve of Lunar New Year, i stayed up all night baking the cake as the next morning, my family could devour on the fresh margarine cake! I spent the night creaming, whisking and baking. I had lots of fun throughout the night.

In the process of baking the margarine cake, i baked a marble cake as well. I used coffee essence instead of chocolate to enhance the smell and flavour of the cake. However, the amount of coffee essence i used was inadequate, hence the colour of the coffee infused in the cake was not noticeable. Nonetheless, the texture and appearance was great.

Top left: Marble cake , Top right: Margarine cake. Middle: Leftover batter of     margarine cake
Marble cake batter before popping it into the oven!

I received great comments about my cakes from my relatives and i appreciate every single feedback from my family as that’s what makes the cakes in the future better. Baking is my passion and hobby and i would love to improve as much as i could, to produce quality product for my friends and family to feast on.

And to end off this post, here’s a picture of the Marble cake!



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